Saturday, November 27, 2010

A brand new start.

So for these past few weeks I have been inspired to be in the kitchen and produce myself all the favourite dishes and desserts that caught my attention. Be warn that I have zero knowledge of baking and cooking that the kitchen is a lot of mess whenever I set foot in it to (attempt) cook. So do not expect anything gourmet or upscale recipes here. 

I have always loved baking. Not the act of baking per se, but the idea of it. My aunt has been baking layer cakes since forever ! Maybe all these years growing up watching and tasting her delicious, scrumptious cakes that I have developed my fondness to baking. Only this year that I have the courage to actually attempt on baking anything.

My mother is fully on-board with this project of mine that she doesn't mind spending some of her money to buy the utensils that are needed in order for me to proceed. I know that deep down she would like to bake too, but she's too a pessimist to act upon her desire. She just thinks too much before doing something and not much of a risk taker, that's all. I think she channelled her desire through me, which explains why she supports what I intended to do.

The idea of writing a blog for my baking project is solely to record what I have accomplished. I don't think my blog is worthy enough to be followed, like other baking blogs that I have been reading lately. Bisous A Toi, Bakerella, Bakingdom, Sprinkle Bakes and Closet Cooking to name a few. Those blog owners really know what they are doing and produce a well-balanced recipes and creative as well. They really inspired the baker in me.

Besides brushing up my baking (and cooking) skills, I intended to practice my photography as well. Most food blogger photographs their food to make sure the readers are intrigued by the photos. I sure did when I went through those food blogs. It made me want to produce the same food myself. So, yeah. to learn more on food photography is definitely in my to-do list.

Again, I would like to remind you that all the recipes in this blog will be posted for my record. 

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