Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first order !

I was very excited to work on this order when I had it. But due to some academic duties I had to postponed it a few weeks later. Fortunately, it was from my cousin who had heard from her mother about the chocolate cake I had baked before. She really wanted to taste the cake so I make her one. Only this time I used 9 inch round cake pan and chocolate ganache for the filling and frosting.

I took only this picture for your viewing because we were busy going to 2 hospitals. The first one was the Damansara Specialist Hospital where we were visiting a relative who broke his pelvic bone. The second hospital was the Putrajaya Hospital where we visited my cousin who just had a new baby boy.

Isn't he just dreamy ? Have yet to know his name but I am sure it will be a beautiful one. Another boy in the house !

I had the feedback I've been waiting for. Hehehe. And it was a good one.

Although there are still much to be learn but I hope one day I can open a shop. Going to brushing up my skills now. Toodles~

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